Munday and Munday Antiques

Large Bi-Color Pitcher

Nesting set of BLUE SWD Bowls
Marked Small Corn and Mini Heart Molds
Beautiful RARE Form
Lovely ROUND Soap Dish
MARKED Yellow Rock Molds
These are some of our favorite fresh finds! Please contact us for prices and specifics. We are keeping the details brief in hopes of getting the website updated quickly and not overwhelming you with too much info! us if you like any of these! Thanks...happy shopping!!
We have SEVERAL Blue seaweed decorated bowls so just ask to see what we have!  All are in excellent condition.  Message for price.
INCREDIBLE!  These are the only platters of this large size I have ever seen.  Just beautiful coloration.  Message for price.  Thanks. 
Just a few of the GREEN BOWLS in stock!!
Assortment of Oval Vegs
Gorgeous Brown Swd
Graduated set of PLATTERS!  
RARE! Black Swd Salt
FABULOUS Brown Swd Pitchers
Pr Canning Jars
Lovely honey brown seaweed decoration on each side...very well executed.  Medium size.  Mint condition.
Only the second one we have seen.  Excellent condition. Nice and early. Contact for more info.

Fabulous pepper pot! Superb covered butter. Lovely open sugar.  Contact for more info. 
Unusual large canning jar...nice form on right.  Contact for info.
Thanks for looking!  If you see anything of interest or are searching for something particular, please contact us.  We will email pictures and specifics of any of these items or those in our vast inventory.  We look forward to hearing from you!  THANKS....Makala and Sandy 

One of Several Pie Plates
Sampling of MUGS
VERY BEST 16" Wh Bnd Bwl
One of Many Bakers! 
Need a NAPPY?
Only small corn I have seen that is marked.  Heart is superb.  Message for details. 
The larger on the left has BLUE on the opposite side.  The smaller has a rare bulbous shape.  Both have excellent decoration and are in superb condition.  Message for price.
Very nice medium size...have had this before only larger.  Excellent color and mint condition.  Message for price.
Very nice nesting set of oval vegetables. Perfect to use for serving or baking! Contact for info.
In the past month we have found LOTS of green bowls so message us to see what all we have...these are super rare in the Checkerboard pattern.
Need a pie plate for serving or the back of a cupboard?  We have lots of different sizes!!!  Contact for more info. 
We bought an entire collection of mugs...just a sampling.  Contact for more info. 
Simple but beautiful.  Excellent color.  Nice shape.    Contact for more info. 
The very best largest white banded bowl we have seen.  We have SEVERAL OTHER SIZES w/ single Wh Bands. Contact for more info. 
Very nice Nutmeg canister with lid.  Contact for price and details. 
We have oval and rectangular in all sizes!  Contact for more info. 
Just a few of the MANY NAPPES...all sizes and all hues of yellow. Contact for more info. 
Nutmeg Spice Canister
WOW!  What a gorgeous deer!  Just purchased and super excited to have her.  Message for price. 
All are marked!  Nice graduated set of grape molds.  Excellent condition.  Message for individual prices.
WOW!  What a collection of mini molds!!  The concentric rings one is one of the hardest to find!  Message for prices.  Thanks.