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English sterling silver jewelry from the 1880's has become our new inspiration. We have long dealt in the American, antique, gold-filled, engagement bangle bracelets, and we had several requests for similar ones in sterling.  We finally took notice, and these pieces have been met with high excitement by our clients..hopefully you are one of them. Each piece has its own personality, and no two pieces are identical.  Few pieces have gold highlighting the flowers or other raised decoration.  This gold can be either rose or yellow gold or both.  Produced during the Victorian Aesthetic period, many of the designs were inspired by Asian influences.  Swallows, wading birds, and flowers are common themes.  During the Victorian era, flowers conveyed a specific meaning so the flowers on each bracelet had definite symbolism.  Buckle bracelets indicated friendship and loyalty.  The buckle motif is also seen on lockets.  Horseshoes and clover leaves are found on lockets and bracelets, and obviously indicated good luck. Some pieces do have registry marks indicating the region and year of production, but most do not.  We have tried to picture these marks and identify them as well.  The bracelets are all hinged with a clasp.  We will not sell a bracelet which does not have a tight clasp as we don't want you to lose your purchase.  The chains/collars are very unique since these open with a jump ring, called a bolt ring, which allows each side of the necklace to come completely off this ring.  It's easy to determine why few bolt rings are still in existence.  As for the lockets, these are all very precious.  They have designs similar to the bracelets and many retain photos of a loved one.  Often, the lockets were a mourning piece and held a lock of hair or other keepsake of the one pictured.  These are unlike anything in current jewelry shops, and they will become your favorite pieces to wear.  Each piece has a story, and everyone will notice the exquisite beauty of your selection.  Enjoy, and let us know if you don't find the perfect piece here.  We will be happy to help you find one that fits you as each piece was originally designed for someone special. 
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