Munday and Munday Antiques

All pieces are Victorian, and most are English.  We strive to find unique lockets and earrings as well as versatile chains in 9, 12, 15, and 18 karat gold.  The English use the metric system so that's why the 9 karat may seem a bit odd to you.  These pieces all date to the 1800's, and they will all be in excellent condition. If there is anything of interest or you are looking for a particular length or link chain, let us know.  We have much more than what is featured here, but we just wanted to give you a sampling of our offerings.  If you have seen us at a show, then you know our inventory is extensive and we love to help you find just the right piece.  So, take a look, and contact us so we can help you have the best shopping experience ever.  Thanks! 
Gold Puffy Dangly Earrings 
Wide Gold Buckle Ring
w/ Diamonds and Rubies
Gold Snake Ring
w/ Diamonsds
Outstanding Statement
Hollow Earrings

15kt Snake Pendant
Rose Gold Tassel Earrings

15kt Lyre Ribbon Slide & Pendant
VERY NICE Gold Bracelets
94 Bezel Set Amethyst Stones...15kt chain...WOW WOW WOW
We have LOTS And LOTS of chains...tell us what length and link...we will let you know what we have! 
15kt Enamel & Pearl Locket
JUST INCREDIBLE!!  Double locket set with turquoise and seed pearls in the midst of a 15kt bracelet also set with seed pearls...just exquisite!!  
An Example of a few of the MANY FOBS we have in stock! 
Several Stack Rings with rubies, sapphires, or garnets in gold and platinum plus this AWESIME gold band with RUBY buckle and Diamonds.
We have a few GOLD buckle Rings plus this nice Turquoise and Seed Pearl Ring