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Very Intricate, Rose Gold Flowers, Border Rosettes

Simple Buckle Locket

Butterfly with ZigZag 
Border Locket
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Incredible Floral Paneled Border w/ Floral Interior Locket

Large Swallow on Med
Size Locket

Wonderful Butterfly and Floral Locket
Lockets are true symbols of the Victorian era.  These sterling silver lockets were produced in England during the 1880's.  This time frame was considered part of the Aesthetic Period of the Victorian Era.  Most lockets will have floral or bird patterns.  Birds are rarer than flowers.  Each flower had a specific symbolism. Sizes vary. Some lockets retain photos/locks of hair. Lockets were worn both on the outside and underneath clothing.  They were one of the most prized possessions a lady had.  Enjoy yours and wear it with happiness.  Please let us know if you are searching for one in particular, and we will try to help you find it.  Thanks, and happy shopping!
Swallow with ZigZag
Border Locket    
Unusual Yellow Gold Bird and Leaf Locket

Large Size, Rose Gold Swallows Locket