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Unusual Fluted Tall Compote
​Ironstone has been one of our mainstays.  We focus on unusual, serviceable, and extremely clean. Most of our ironstone will have been produced from about 1840 to 1890.  We look for good makers such as Pankhurst and Furnival, and we always offer Meakin pieces. Feather edge has always been a favorite of our clients.  The addition of the blue or green coloring to the edge makes a quiet statement.  Produced in the late 1700's and early 1800's, these pieces have exquisite details.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if searching for something and do not see it here.  Our inventory is constantly changing and is far larger than what is seen here.  Enjoy shopping! Just click on the pictures for details, more pictures, and price.
Decorated with simple, sweet flowers. Have never seen this particular pattern.  Contact for price.
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For more information on each piece as well as more pictures, just click on either the item or text below the picture.  Prices will be found with the additional details.  

Tulip Simple Ewer
Large simple ewer with tulip as thumb rest.  Nice large pitcher with an elegant shape.  Perfect to use as a pitcher or vase.  Contact for price.
RARE Razor Box
Toothbrush/razor boxes are not commonly found, and this one has a beautiful pattern. Contact for price. 
Punch Bowls..Large & Small
Laurel Wreath Large Tureen
HUGE Plain Platter
FAB!!  Tall Jardineires!!!
Sweet Vegetable Tureen
These are one of the most popular forms in ironstone.  The larger one has a nice rolled top rim and is larger than most while the smaller is a really sweet one. Contact for price.
Just gorgeous!  WOW! A larger than normal tureen in the popular Laurel Wreath pattern.  7.5" x 12".  Excellent condition.  Contact for price. 
WOW!  What a large, clean, plain platter. Perfect for all occasions!  Contact for more info. 
Lovely shapes...different than other waste jars...very elegant so truly perfect for flowers.  Contact for price.
Stands 6.5" high and measuring 7.75" in diameter, this is the only compote I have seen with a plain pedestal and fluted bowl.  Contact for price.

Unusual Wheat Pitcher
Unusual tall pitcher with wheat sheaf decoration.  Contact for more info.
One of the best Jacob Furnival pieces I have seen. This GRAND fluted punch is not only larger than normal but has an incredible presence.  Contact for more info.
Berlin Swirl Veg Tureen
Gorgeous vegetable tureen in the rare and exquisite Berlin Swirl pattern.  Excellent condition.  Contact for price. 

Tureen w/ Excellent Color
Perfectly discolored...has excellent grunge coloration.  Super shape. Contact for more info. 
Lovely Deep Simple Compote
Nicest plain compote in years...has an incredibly deep bowl.  Superb condition.  Can be nice alone or stacked on a cake stand.  Contact for more info.
Rare Tazza/Low Compote
BEST Huge Fluted Punch Bowl
The only one ever seen.  Incredible presentation stand. Large, elegant, and perfect!  A must for any collection! Contact for more info.
Low/short compotes are called tazzas, and they are seldom found.  This one has a nice shape and elegant presence. Contact for more info.